Marketing Campaign Landing Pages – Why Do They Work So Well?

By inbound marketing

marketing landing pageAs you probably already know by now, we’re huge fans of landing pages at ELG. In fact we consider them to be the cornerstone of any successful online marketing campaign.
It’s no secret that across the marketingsphere, the campaigns with the highest conversion rates usually point to some sort of dedicated landing page. So what is it that makes landing pages so effective?

One of the key elements that gives well constructed landing pages a huge advantage over say, a product/service page of a website is that they are completely focused on one goal. Take a look at any commercial website and you’ll likely see phone numbers, contact emails and multiple calls to action on the majority pages. Although you would think the more contact points you make available to your visitors the more conversions you will generate, the opposite is actually true.
The reason for this is that subconsciously we react more favourably to simplicity and clarity over clutter and multiple messaging. Many people’s immediate reaction when they land on a cluttered website is to bounce immediately in order to find a more attractive layout.
Landing pages by their very nature are simple in layout and focus around one message and one single call to action. This simplicity and focus is much easier for the human brain to compute and is, therefore, more likely to elicit a positive response and lead to a conversion.

Personalisation of messaging
In most cases a business’s website has to speak to multiple personas at the same time. A company website is a representation of a company as a whole and, therefore, needs to speak to the entire target audience. Although there are almost certainly dedicated product/service pages designed to talk more specifically to individual personas, the homepage, about us page, blog posts and other supporting pages are usually non-persona in their copy and approach.
Landing pages on the other hand are persona-specific. They talk directly to a specific sub-section of your audience in a way that makes them feel understood and, for want of a better term, special. They speak directly to the person, offering tailored solutions to address the persona’s problems or products/services that meet their individual needs. And in order to get to these landing pages the visitor doesn’t have to navigate through a number of general pages, they are taken straight there after one click.

Fully Responsive
Despite mobile devices and tablets being part of the mainstream for decades, there are still websites out there that do not cater for handheld devices. This can have a catastrophic impact on campaign conversion rates.
Far be it for us to criticise, however – there are numerous reasons why a company may choose not to update their website – complex integrations with back end systems, lack of resource, lack of finance etc.
Thankfully landing pages can be used as an effective workaround. Every major 3rd party landing page platform and most of the minor ones as well have fully responsive templates that provide a great user experience regardless of the visitor’s choice of browsing device. By employing campaign landing pages instead of directing visitors to out-dated web pages, business can ensure that they capture conversions from mobiles, tablets and desktop devices.
We wouldn’t necessarily advocate this as a long-term strategy, but in the short to medium term, in order to create a compelling business case, it’s an effective option.

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